Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2 years since my last post.. Hai again

Assalamuallaikum... Wow! It's been years since my last post! Sorry guys really busy until I don't really have the time to indulge with blogging. Really, I love blogging! But I just can't find the ME time to do it..

Well, just a brief history for last two years.......

First of all (based on my last post), I did took ABRSM Piano Grade 2. Thankfully, I pass the exam!! Yahoo!!

Secondly, I gave birth to a baby girl named Chaerin.. So now I have Adela (the princess), Badri (the full moon child) and Chaerin (my rainbow unicorn). So those are my ABC's children (since me and my husband plan it all according to sequence of alphabet!). I think 3 is a good number already. Alhamdulillah..

Third, my princess Adela is in primary 1. The scariest thing is, I'm her Math teacher at school! Most people won't do it. Quit challenging you know, to be your daughter's teacher. I tend to drove her harder than her friends in the class (sometimes I wonder if I overdid it).

So, that's my latest development so far. Now am on my way to Sabah from Kuching, via Brunei with my family. Now it's 7.10 am so probably will arrive at KK by 2pm or 3pm. 7 hours journey. I'll update later!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Spanish Serenede.... my teacher's choice

Olla again my friends. On my last post I did mention about the songs that I'd choose to play for my piano exam, right?! Well, my teacher asked me to play this song 

Spanish Serenade (Serenade espagnole) by Ferrer 

Let's just say that I'm ok laaa with this choice.. but need lots of practice... aaaaaaaa

Friday, November 28, 2014

3rd Grade Piano Theory Exam!? 2nd Grade Piano ?!

Ollaaa my friends! I'm back again after 7 months of silents! It's the end of November and it's school holiday right now. So I'm on break (since I'm a teacher.. of course!). It's been a week since our school holiday had started, so here I am in my house with my two little angels.

My last post was about me joining the KKMS Concert. So back to my piano lesson. At last after lots of thinking, I'd decided to take the Piano Theory Exam for 3rd Grade. Imagine me, 30 years old mathematics teacher, wants to take Piano Theory Exam? 

Well, the good news is that I PASS the exam with 89 marks (if only I get 90 marks, it'll be DISTINCTION.. grrrrrr). I took the exam at SJK (C) Chung Hua No.4 at Jalan Nenas, Kuching. It's just the opposite with KKMS. It's kinda funny coz I'm sitting with few elementary kids and most of them finish it before I did. The exam was kinda hard, but I'm glad that I took it. At least, I know now how the exam looks like hehe... 

Now, I'm preparing my for Piano Exam for Grade 2. You might wonder why did I took the 3rd Grade for Theory, right? Since I'm an adult now, I can learn a lot faster in theory compared to children, but when it comes to playing the piano.. I'm SLOWWWW... so Grade 2 it is.. And I tell you, it's HARD! I have to play 3 songs, the exam is in June till August. But now December is around the corner and I'm still stuck with one song!

Ms. Kho (my piano teacher) suggest me to play IMPERTINENCE by Handel. Overall I can finally play all the notes but with lots of mistakes here and there.

ABRSM 2nd GRADE PIANO 2015-2016, A1
~30 marks~

Just hope I can make it for next year. Lots of thing going on next year, coz I'm going to teach Year 6 pupils and I have to prepare them for Mathematics, UPSR 2015. I think I'm up to the challenge (just be brave, Lizz.. Fighting!)

For the 2nd and 3rd songs, I haven't decided yet, but I might go with...

LULLABY by Neugasimov
ABRSM 2nd GRADE PIANO 2015-2016, B2
~30 marks~


ABRSM 2nd GRADE PIANO 2015-2016, C3
~30 marks~

And I have to get ready for other thing like:

1. Scales for G, D, A, F major, and E, D, G minor (hands together and separately in 2 octaves)
2. Contrary-motion Scales for C and E major (for 2 octaves)
3. Chromatic Scale beginning on D (1 octave with hand separately)
4. Arpeggios in G, D, A majors, and D, G minors (hands separately in 2 octaves)
5. Broken Chords in F major and E minor (hand separately in 2 octaves)
~all for 21 marks~

Sight-reading (play pieces of music on the spot)
~21 marks~

Aural test
~18 marks~

or you can also search the piano requirements and information from

Total marks are 150. If I want to PASS, I have to get at least 100 marks. 120 to pass with Merit and 130 marks to pass with Distinction.

So, do you think I will pass this exam?
Pray that I will.... Amin

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's been a long time.. KKMS Concert!

Wahhh.. dah bersawang dah blog kmk tok.. Lamak sik ngabas eh... (tu cakap Sarawak yer..) Hi all, it's been a long time since my last post. Sorry, dunno why but my interest for blogging seems to go down the hill since back then.. Having 2 kids, I kinda juggling a bit. It's a bless, YES... but also hectic ever since! But I'm embracing it all with my two hands! Thank God my husband is very helpful.. TQ hunny!

 Kawai Kuching Music School Concert at MBKS

For those who doesn't know, I've been taking piano lessons for quite sometimes (2 and a half years.. maybe) under Kawai Kuching Music School.. Well, people might say that I'm too old (I'm going on 30 this year by the way) but it has been my dream to learn music. I've learned piano when I was in primary school from my music teacher, but then when I went to secondary school, I had to give up my lesson since I'm in boarding school.. Since it's been a long long time ago, my fingers got so stiff that I had to have my lesson all over again! But I'm having a good time... 

The best part was, I got a part to sing with a choir on KKMS Concert, last 22 Mac 2014. Just imagine, my first concert! I invited my husband (of course), and my parents. It's our first instruments music concert (did I say it right?) There were lots of performance that night. Some played solo piano, duet and also triple piano pieces. The violin students were also great! There was a guitar performance as well. And the vocal students was awesome! What impress me the most was a solo pianist, playing the piano piece and sing a long with it.. and she was only 9 or 10 years old!

It's fun.. All of us are students so of course there are some mistakes here and there.. But we all have a great time.. It's kinda sad bcoz I can't bring along my kids. I had to live them behind with my mother-in-law. The concert end around 11 p.m. so it's too far behind their bed time. 

Next time, I'll be back with more interesting topics to write. Iit's been a long time since I wrote anything in English... so beg my pardon ::wink wink:: I want to write in Sarawak Malay Language but some of my friends might not know the language much.. If I wrote in Semenanjung Malay Language, I might end up using Bahasa Malaysia.. SO English it is... Senang cerita..

That's all... bubye.. 

....(after I read this.. I realised that my English.. oh so poor.. The last time I wrote in English.. 4 to 5 years back?!!! ALASAN   )..

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm soooo into QUILTING!

Ingin nak buat Quilting laa pulak skarang.. hehe..

Not just the tradisional quilt but also modern quilt...

Agak2 nyer boleh tak? Skarang tgh research gane nak jahit tampong 1000 nie kata orang Melayu

Banyak betul yang cantik2 and cute!